The magic of IVF and persistence (multiple tries) allowed me to have 2 beautiful healthy babies 5 years ago. What a joy and blessing. They were born at 36.5 weeks and weighed just over 6lb each – I tipped scale at 190+. The weight came off easily – I am an avid exerciser and eat very healthy. But I has diastasis recti. I tried the Tuppler technique. I finally even tried abdominal binders or waist trainers. Nothing changed the fact that my tummy was now convex instead of concave. I went to Dr. Bill (William) Rosenblatt. He told me I was a good candidate and gave me all the details – what I would go through, what would happen, timeline for healing. I had my tummy tuck on Jun 4 2015. At only 5 weeks post op, I lost ten inches off my waistline and can fit skirts and pants I haven’t been able to fit since before my kids. Everyone tells me I look amazing. But the best part is: I feel like I have MY body back.

Hi Dr Rosenblatt,I want to thank you again for the wonderful results of my surgery.

You and all of your staff have been so supportive throughout the whole process, which especially helped to calm my nerves on the day of my surgery. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that afterwards, there was no pain but a feeling like sinus pressure, and later on, for the first time I could actually breathe properly through my nose!

I am so happy with my nose now; you knew exactly what changes to make so that it would suit my face and look completely natural. Even my husband keeps forgetting that I had the surgery because I just looks normal, like a better version of myself.

I don’t feel self-conscious any more or that people are staring at me, or that I am ugly.
My self-confidence has improved a lot and although I will always be introverted, I am not so shy and timid as I used to be. I didn’t realize that changing my appearance could have such a positive impact on my mind.

I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending you to anybody who wants to have plastic surgery.
Thank you again and best wishes,

Thank you for your generosity of kindness and support to me as a client. You are truly a remarkable team.
My best,

Hi doc!

I appreciate the care, integrity and passion for your work and for my tummy! It was calming for me to be able to communicate with you and I got through the difficult part with more ease due to the three day local. That was the greatest plan!

I was brave by doing it for me… not for anybody else.

Dear Dr. Rosenblatt,

Thank you for your great surgery and the good support of your crew, you changed my life! You’re a great surgeon both clinically and ethically.

Dear Dr. Rosenblatt,

Thank you for making this experience positive and “uplifting” one. Your kindness and professionalism is of the highest value. I am truly happy with my results and would recommend your practice to anyone. Thanks again!

Dear Dr. Rosenblatt,

Thank you for my order and for you good wishes. Jackie took very good care of me as always and I am always grateful for their kindness and concern.

You and your staff are very special and I wish you all the best is the New Year always.

Dear Dr. Rosenblatt and staff,

I just want to let you know my experience with you and your staff was most pleasant. You all were kind, compassionate and helpful. Thank you!

Dear Dr. Rosenblatt and staff,

Thank you for all- you are the best you add and the years you take always. Thank you for the last 14 years of improvements and to the next 14 years of touch ups, after that lets both retire to the fountain of youth.

Dr. Rosenblatt,

Just wanted to let you know that I am totally thrilled with the results from my neck lipo. There was barely any pain or discomfort. Great way to start of the New Year. Thanks so much!! Happy Holidays!

Dr. Rosenblatt and staff,

After having twins, my stomach got all stretched out. Now that I have my tummy tuck, I am the happiest girl in the world!

You did an amazing job! The whole experience was wonderful! The staff were caring and wonderful! I will recommend you to all my friends!

Dear Dr. Rosenblatt,

I am writing this note to you, to convey how pleased I have been with the quality, attention, andover, all kindness, you and your staff have shown me through the process of my tummy tuck and post surgery care.

Your support and the support of your staff have made the experience easier than it might have been (and it was tough) you and your staff are truly competent professionals and are truly a spectacular team. Thank you very much.

Dear Dr. Rosenblatt,

You do the nicest things…? Well… this doesn’t quite describe how grateful I really am for the great “job” you did in my nose!!

I bet it feels good to hear over and over!!

Hi Dr. Rosenblatt,

I just wanted to let you know the key reasons why I have trusted you and your staff with my upcoming care:

  • Your extensive credentials as a surgeon and the sense of confidence I felt in your skill, experience and judgment after meeting you. The latter was especially important as a distinguishing factor when comparing you to other doctors with similar credentials. You have also been very open to questions and willing to address my concerns.
  • Your staff’s patience, knowledge and efficiency (especially Jackie who I spoke to more often); your staff always treated me with warmth, respect and sensitivity. Jackie has been especially helpful in giving me guidance toward making decisions about the upcoming surgery.

These two things are critical components when making a big decision such as this… so just wanted you to know. I realize that you and your staff must deal with a number of people throughout the day but you have always made me feel that my concerns were important, and took the time to address them.

So thank you in advance; I look forward to the “improved” me on the outside and inside!

Very professional staff in a beautiful office (the bathroom is to die for). Dr. R is highly accredited and professional; willing to negotiate the price of the surgery; Dr. R will not perform unnecessary surgery just because you want it. He will let you know exactly what you need; he is a very honest person. He will answer all of your questions but only ask for his opinion if you want an honest answer.

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Dr. William Rosenblatt provides cosmetic plastic surgery of the breast, body, face (including nose), and skin, fat injections, Botox, ThermiRF, Radiesse, Juvederm, and Belotero Balance to those living in the New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island areas of New York, and the greater metro area, including New Jersey, and Connecticut.