About Us

About Lenox Hill Plastic Surgery Center

All of the medical and support team at are committed to helping patients gather the information they need to make the best possible decision regarding procedures they are considering. Although we practice the science of medicine and plastic surgery, we are all about the “art” of plastic surgery and personal care.

Dr. Rosenblatt is an accomplished plastic surgeon with more than 25 years of expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He is double board-certified in both plastic surgery AND otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat specialty) and thus brings to his patients a special combination of talents in face, eye, and nasal cosmetic procedures. He is an expert at closed rhinoplasty procedures, which enables a faster and less complicated recovery. Dr. Rosenblatt is also skilled at wound management and removal of suspicious moles and lumps.

Lenox Hill Plastic Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art accredited surgical facility. Patients seeking facial reshaping, skin rejuvenation (use of neurotoxins or injectible fillers), a nose job, or breast lift, enhancement or reduction, or other reconstructive surgery, can feel confident that they will receive the best medical care. Dr. Rosenblatt is also an office surgery inspector for a major surgical suite accrediting agency.

Contact us at (212) 570-6100 for a complementary consultation.