Toxin-free frown line reduction

ThermiRase™ for frown lines

Want wrinkle reduction without the use of a neurotoxin and with immediate and long lasting results up to 2 years?

The ThermiRF™ radiofrequency (RF) procedure may be the answer and is now available for toxin-free reduction of the nerve function responsible for muscle contractions of the forehead. The procedure—called ThermiRase™—may also be more cost effective than botulinum toxin (Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®), as it minimizes the need for frequent injections. This technology is radically changing the usual approach to wrinkle reduction of the aging face.

Dr. William Rosenblatt, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Lenox Hill Plastic Surgery Center, is among the first NYC plastic surgeons to offer the ThermiRase™. He has been asked by the manufacturer to be on the company’s Clinical Advisory Council and to teach other physicians how to use this technology.

How does ThermiRase work?





Courtesy of ThermiAesthetics

This technique targets frown lines between the eyebrows and is FDA approved for nerve ablation. A tiny RF needle is inserted under local anesthesia and placed against the target nerves, which are then inactivated causing frown lines to relax. Treatment can produce long-term muscle relaxation up to 2 years. There are no scars and downtime and discomfort are minimal. Results may vary by patient.

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